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Today’s clients are looking to modernize their platform and infrastructure for their SAP instance through leveraging the latest technology options available like Fiori and Hana SF4, although these implementations are quite expensive. Hence, our application modernization services can provide the full spectrum of maintenance needs from advisory to hosting including cloud services and migrations to the cloud, as well as support services to ensure that your business leverages on the latest ERP software upgrade to reduce expenses and increase flexibility.


With a reliable and holistic upgrade, SAP Fiori software offers an intuitive experience which is simple and seamless across devices. It thoroughly focuses on the ease of use and the patterns of interaction. It is effective in bringing about a powerful impact across organizations from various industries. Although this upgrade is thoroughly distinctive with its capabilities, it is quite expensive. Hence, we have developed an alternative that offers the same extent of services and the benefits of SAP Fiori but without the expense. The most well-received aspect of SAP Fiori is its easy consumer-grade experience. Keeping the best of that in mind, we provide an alternative option that elicits all the important features of SAP Fiori with personalization options and simplified user experience to ensure that the user navigating through the app gets access to the desired result or information with lesser number of clicks.


An evolution in SAP’s long-standing ERP, S/4 HANA is UX Modernization at its best. With S/4 Hana Business processes are being revolutionized and modernized with intelligent automation and it has been proven that it meets industry-specific requirements for over 26 verticals. The interface is quite conversational which is impactful in making better decisions. As the nature of businesses are transitional and are thus ever-evolving, the platform is accommodative of the changes and supports out-of-the-box functionality. With innovative revenue capabilities, it helps in creating customer-focused products and services. As impressive as the technological prowess of this upgrade is, there are some drawbacks too. One being how companies find it troublesome to understand how the existing SAP custom code can be integrated with S/4 HANA. The other being the cost of implementation of this intelligent ERP. Considering how expensive SAP S/4 HANA is, we have created an alternative that not only addresses these concerns but also matches up to the standard and functionality of the HANA S/4 Upgrade.